As a fellow and instructor in urology at the university of Oklahoma Dr. Agha participated in nationally recognized research projects on the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy, sexual dysfunction and the metabolism of PSA.


1. A pilot study to find the site of PSA metabolism (1994) Dept. of Urology, University of Oklahoma.

2. A retrospective study to evaluate the impact of medical therapy on the surgical management of benign prostatic hyperplasia.


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3. J B Roy, MD, A study to examine the effects of Finasteride on serum prostate specific antigen in men with BPH. Grant from Merck Research Lab 1993-1994.

4. J B Roy, MD, Phase II Trial of topical Minoxidil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with and without diabetes mellitus. Grant from Upjohn Co.1993.

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6. J B Roy, MD, Evaluation of the safety and efficacy of the Alprostadil administered by MUSE (Medicated Urethral System for Erection) VIVUS California