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Vasectomy Reversal Center of Chicago

Vasectomy Reversal Center of Chicago

What we do?

Why choose VRCC?

Choice of a surgeon is a critical decision for a successful outcome of a procedure and so is the use of state of the art microscope and properly equipped surgical facility. Read more

What is vasectomy reversal?

Vasectomy reversal is a highly technical procedure in which blocked ends of Vas deferens (after vasectomy) are cut open and reconnected with very fine microsurgical stitches. Read more

What are success rates of reversal?

Success after vasectomy reversal is defined by the “presence of sperm in semen”. If we find sperm during surgery, our success rates are above 95%. Read more

What is the cost of reversal?

We offer a worry-free fixed package price of $6900 for first time reversals, re-dos, vas to vas and vas to epididymis connection. Read more

Is reversal right for me?

A couple can choose between reversal and sperm aspiration with in vitro fertilization. Several factors play a role in this decision making. Read more

How does it work?

Once you make a decision to have vasectomy reversal, you should contact our reversal coordinator by calling at 1-800-92-VASMD. You can also send in an inquiry via email by clicking here.

Vasectomy Reversal

Life is an amazing complex of twists and turns. It is fascinating to see how the change of heart can make one do things that one thought were never a possibility. When you had vasectomy you were absolutely sure that it was a done deal. Yet life reveals its incredible secrets in new found love or relationships or in some cases, a change in family needs. The desire to bear the fruit of love through the miracle of life and to have a child again after vasectomy is what has brought you to this site.


  • Why should I choose Vasectomy Reversal Center of Chicago for my reversal?

    Dr Agha is a Board certified Urologist with primary focus on the male infertility. He has been performing vasectomy reversals for over 16 years on regular basis (average 2 cases per week). He uses a very high end computerized operating microscope which facilitates this extremely delicate operation. Of course, only the right tools for the right job in skilled hands deliver the best results. The procedure is performed in a state of the art, fully accredited and Joint Commission approved Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  • What is your success rate?

    If the sperm are found during surgery, our success (defined by the presence of sperm in the semen after reversal) is above 99%.
  • My vasectomy was done many years ago. Can it be reversed?

    Vasectomy reversal can be performed even after many years of the blockage. However, longer the time interval from the vasectomy, lower the success rates. The chances that sperm will be discovered during surgery vary with time since vasectomy (95 % 1-3 years, 80-85% 4-7 years and 70-75% 8-14 years).
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