Vasectomy Reversal

Life is an amazing complex of twists and turns. It is fascinating to see how the change of heart can make one do things that one thought were never a possibility. When you had vasectomy you were absolutely sure that it was a done deal. Yet life reveals its incredible secrets in new found love or relationships or in some cases, a change in family needs. The desire to bear the fruit of love through the miracle of life and to have a child again after vasectomy is what has brought you to this site.

About 500,000 vasectomies are performed in United States each year and about 7% change their mind and undergo vasectomy reversal. Recent advances in the technology and expertise have made it possible to achieve high success rates in vasectomy reversal.

Microsurgical technique is an essential element towards success of vasectomy reversal. Only a handful of dedicated micro-surgeons who have enough patient volume to perform this delicate procedure on regular basis can provide a desirable outcome. At Vasectomy & Reversal Center of Chicago, using state of the art operative microscope, we are committed to restore the patency of vas deferens.

No matter how many years have passed since vasectomy, normal testes continue to produce sperm. Vasectomy reversal therefore is a logical and more cost effective choice for achieving pregnancy. The success of simple reversal however diminishes with the passage of years and in some cases sperm retrieval may be a better alternative although it is more expensive way to achieve pregnancy requiring in vitro fertilization.

There are, of course, several other unpredictable factors that can influence the outcome of reversal including the site of vasectomy along the vas and presence or absence of sperm during surgery.