Before Reversal

Step1. Download forms

Once you decide to have surgery, you will need to complete some documents and forms. A package of forms can be either downloaded (recommended) or you may call 1-800-92-VASMD with your mailing address to receive an info package in the mail. The package includes Registartion, History form, Consent form and pre-Op & Post-op instructons

Please note that the consent form must be printed, signed and mailed in original.

Step 2. Confirm availability of surgery date.

Please call (800-92-VASMD) to schedule a date for surgery.

We are generally booked to 3-4 weeks in advance. However opening may become available sooner if there is a late cancellation. You can confirm a date with a refundable deposit of $ 500.00. Please ref to the finances section for details.

Step3. Send the documents and payments

Mail/Fax the documents as appropriate. Please note that the signed consent should be mailed in original along with the payment two weeks before surgery. (see refund policy)

Dr. Agha will review these documents and may call for a phone consultation if necessary.

Step 4: Preparation for surgery

Pre-Op Instructions

 Do not take any Aspirin for at least a week before your procedure.
If you are on a blood thinner medications other than Aspirin, please call us for advice and or contact you primary care doctor.
If your vasectomy required general anesthesia, notify our office with explanation of its necessity
If you normally take any other medication daily you may take them as needed.
Please gently shave the scrotum on night before surgery if possible.
Take a shower with antibacterial soap a few hours or the night before surgery with gentle cleaning of scrotal area.
Dos and Don’ts
For your personal safety and comfort, we ask that you follow these guidelines…

  1. DO NOT eat or drink anything, not even water, for six hours before your surgery even though surgery will be under local anesthesia.
  2. DO NOT wear jewelry or bring valuables with you. We have no place for safe-keeping of these items.
  3. DO NOT discontinue any medications unless so directed.
  4. DO notify your surgeon if you are a diabetic.
  5. DO notify if you experience any health changes between your last communication and the day of surgery -such as a cold, fever, the flu or other symptoms.
  6. DO wear casual, comfortable, loose fitting clothing.
  7. DO feel free to bring DVD, or personal small audio/video device with earphones.
  8. DO arrange for someone responsible to drive you home and stay with you upon discharge. You may feel a little weak or sleepy; this is normal. Printed post-operative instructions will be given to you when you leave. No patient will be discharged after anesthesia without a responsible adult present.

Where to report

Please report at Oak Brook Medical & Surgical Center, 2425 West 22nd Street, Suite 101, Oak Brook, IL 60523 (Phone 630-990-2212) one hour before surgery time. If you have any difficulty locating the facility or any other last minute questions please call at 630-990-4244 to speak with our office or 24/7 answering service.