Semen Analysis

Semen Analysis is perforemd 2-3 months after surgery. In order to obtain accurate information from the semen analysis, it is important that you follow the instructions below very carefully. Test should be scheduled at your local hospital Lab by appointment and examined within 1 hour of specimen production. Please advise the lab to Fax the results at 630-9904245.

1. Abstain from intercourse for three days prior to collection of the specimen.

2. The specimen should be obtained by masturbation. (If this is not possible, lab may provide a special condom).

3. The specimen should be collected in a sterile, wide-mouth container, which will be provided by our office or the laboratory depending on which facility will analyze the specimen.

4. Specimens should be kept at room temperature (shirt pocket) and brought to the the laboratory during office hours within one hour of the specimen collection.PLEASE CALL THE LAB BEFORE COLLECTING THE SPECIMEN TO MAKE SURE THAT THE TECHNICIAN IS AVAILABLE.

5. Please label the specimen with your name and time of collection. Due to government regulations, it is desired that your specimen be brought to the lab IN A BROWN PAPER BAG.